Watching our son Cian running around the garden holding his insulin pump to stop it falling out of its belt upset me. I was not upset because he had diabetes (we had become accustomed to that in as much as you can), but because his pump was stopping him running around carefree like a normal little boy.

Cian had tried lots of different methods of wearing his pump. They were either too uncomfortable, too bulky, too awkward, impractical or just made him feel that his pump was not secure. We simply couldn’t find one that was ‘just right’.

At night it is hard to find Cian amongst all the cuddly creatures in his bed - fifteen at last count. So naturally, when Cian first got his insulin pump we got the soft toy from the pump company to keep his pump in at night. However, it didn’t actually fit his pump properly and wasn’t really all that cuddly. We ended up buying another cuddly creature and sewing a zipped pocket in it for his pump.

If we were having these types of problems then other people must be experiencing them too. I hadn’t yet gone back to work as an anesthetist after our second son was born and my brain was begging for a challenge. So, over the next few months I went about designing a new method of wearing an insulin pump and a cuddly toy to put pumps in at night.

The belt had to be functional and secure but also so comfortable that you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. The cuddle toy had to be extremely soft and have a zipped pouch big enough to fit all pump brands easily. We also started coming up with other ideas that we thought would make Cian’s (and our) life easier. We wanted Cian to think less about his diabetes and just get on with being a little boy.

We hope you like our ideas and designs, and that they will help your lives be less complicated so that you can just get on with being you. Our name is Quippe, which means confidence in latin. We want people to have confidence that our designs work, that they are convenient and comfortable to use.

Lisa Murphy
Melbourne, Australia