A place for everything and everything in its place - the Twist 'N' Go Koala & Joey Diabetic Case, a new and innovative 2-in-1 diabetic case.

Are you just popping to the park or going out for a coffee and don't need to take absolutely all your diabetic kit with you but only need the essentials? Or, are you off for an all day trip to the zoo or a cycling expedition and would like the reassurance of having all your diabetic kit with you? Do you like the flexibility of being able to either take just the essentials with you, or have the option to bring everything - all in one handy case?

If this sounds like you, and you like a place for everything and everything in its place, then you need the new Quippe Twist 'N' Go Koala & Joey diabetic case, which is 2 cases in 1.

The Twist 'n Go case features a smaller 'Joey' case to carry your essential diabetic kit and a larger 'Koala' case to carry all your other diabetic kit and caboodle. The 'Joey' case attaches to the 'Koala' case by a Duraflex Buddy-Lok Pouch Attachment System. Simply twist the 'Joey' case away from the 'Koala' and you have 2 separate cases. Twist them back together again and you have 1 case. The case is made from hard and durable EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) material to keep all your precious kit safe, and comes in a range of colours.

The internal design of the 'Joey' case is adaptive, with sections for your BGL monitor, lancet, test strips, wipes, and insulin pens. Two roomy zipped pockets allow space for hypo treatment, syringes & insulin, spare lancet needles or rubbish. Finally, there is a personal details card to record your information and what to do in case of emergency.

The larger 'Koala' case is used to carry all your other diabetic kit. Store and carry extra hypo treatment, emergency glucagon, extra syringes and insulin, ketone testing equipement, local ansesthetic cream and dressings, hand sanitizer, spare infusion sets and reservoirs,…the kitchen sink (just kidding!).

The Twist 'N' Go Koala & Joey case is suitable for type 1 and 2 diabetics, pump uses, pen users and syringe users. If you're a minimalist and would just like a Joey then that's fine too!

  • 2 cases in 1
  • Smaller 'Joey' case for your diabetic essentials
  • Larger 'Koala' case for all your other diabetic kit
  • Simple and easy Duraflex Buddy-Lok Pouch Attachment System to make 1 case into 2, or 2 into 1
  • Sturdy and durable EVA hard case
  • Variety of colors
  • Suitable for all diabetics
  • Great for home, work, school and out and about

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